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The leader of the Exponentiality Movement.

Exponentiality is the secret to work-life balance for the busy high-achiever. It's theway to find time to enjoy a personal life alongside of a successful career.Discovered over Jenn's 32-year career as a CEO, wife and mother, exponentiality isthe key to happiness in our hyperactive 21st century.


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The mission of the Exponentiality Movement is to help as many people as possible learn to find success through the pursuit of joy in everything they do.  It is about seeing your life holistically.  There is no such thing as work-life balance.  You only have one life.  Make sure your work is a subset of your life, not that it dictates your life. Join the movement of leaders, moms, students and educators who are becoming the best version of themselves through an Exponential Mindset.

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Be inspired, be encouraged, be exponential!

Living Exponentially

Unlocking the potential of every moment in your life and your business.

A series of books written to share secrets with success driven entrepreneurs and business leaders on how to successfully balance a full business and personal life.

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